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Default problem with replacement window rollers

Kimm, and all, you will be pleased to know that I contacted Casco to see who makes their all metal window rollers. It turns out that they do, as they make many other parts for our Tbirds. These rollers are not only used on Little Birds, Squarebirds, but also on the big Fords back then. Don, at the Bird Nest just told me that in '61, I think he said, or somewhere in the Bulletbird production, Ford switched to plastic rollers because they found that the metal rollers rolling in a metal window frame was causing metal on metal wear.

Casco asked me to send them pix of the OEM roller, which I will, and information regarding the problem ya'll are experiencing with their roller assembly. She said they have not heard that the cupped washer is not manufactured the same as the OEM version. I told her that what some of ya'll have had to do is to re-use the OEM cupped washer instead of theirs. They want to look into this and see if they can fix this. IF it turns out that they need to see an OEM cupped washer, what I would like someone to do, IF you can spare ONE OEM cupped roller washer, is to send one them. IF they need one to examine. They will let me know if they do not have any available and want one to examine. Kim confirmed in his post it was CASCO that he ordered them from. Joe's roller parts came with the car when he bought it.

I have checked the websites of ALL the major Tbird parts houses. The ONLY one I can find that manufactures and sells the metal window roller assembly is CASCO. All the rest who market them, market the plastic ones. That part # is 23240, whether in metal or plastic. I will let ya'll know what I hear back from CASCO.

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