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Default '55-'57 Mexican Tbird Production History

Federico owns two Babybirds assembled in Mexico and one from the US. Here is what he has said. I am leaving out the full serial number of them. I can tell you that all three of them are registered in John Rotella's Tbird Registry.

"My '55 (owned since 1981) is P5MEXH1***** and my '56 (owned since 1979) is P6MEXH1*****, '57 (owned since 2000) is an Export model D7FH1***** that was shipped to Mexico since the '57. I have not seen '57 TBirds with P7MEX?, but I have not seen more than mine, I am sure there are."

We know there were 197 Babybirds, '55-'57 assembled in the La Villa plant in Mexico City. Only 2 '55 Tbirds with the MEXH indicator have been registered in the Tbird Registry so far. Three that I know of for 1956, and only 5 for 1957. Hopefully, Babybird owners who do have Mexican assembled Tbirds will come forward and register them. We do not know how many out of those 197 are still with us.

Federico, if you know of any other Babybirds in Mexico that were manufactured there, please see if you can get the owners to provide you with the VIN#'s so we can get them into the Tbird Registry for the historical record. Thanks!

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