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Default The Rare '57 Jack Assembly

Scott ~ ss396t6 has found an authentic, hard to find OEM '57 jack finally. We certainly learned a lot about Littlebird jacks while helping him hunt for one. We found out that a '55, or '56 jack in the trunk during judging is gonna cost you points because that is not the proper OEM jack for the '57. They changed the style of the jack for the '57's and up when they built the '57's. I understand that was because they changed the bumper style of the '57 from that of the '55, & '56. So I was told. The major difference between the first two years and the '57 has to do with the base, the ratchet lifting mechanism and the height of the shaft that sits in that base. According to what we have read, and was told, the jack shaft for the '55 & '56 is 31" long. We are told the '57 version is about 3" longer then the previous years. Also, the lifting unit that goes under the bumper is totally different for the '55-'56 than it is for the '57. The '57 uses the J Hook that many of us who are Squarebird owners have in our trunks. The '55-'56 uses a short flat piece as you will see in the pix I am about to post.

Luckily, Scott was able to find a complete, OEM correct jack assembly for his '57 without it costing a couple of arms and legs. The two of us found that when you do find a set, it is gonna set you back a lot of money. But that is not uncommon when it comes to buying Littlebird parts. I think when Scott's jack comes in this week, he is going to take it to Amos and compare his with the jack assembly in Amos's 300 point '57 to make sure he does indeed have an authentic '57 jack assembly. Here are some pix of what is and is not an official OEM '57 jack assembly, according to Amos Minter and others in the know. First what is not! Then what is. I am told that the correct base for the '55 is the AB-D base. For the '56, the AB-L base, with the letter A opposite the AB stamping for both. For the '57 only the AB-A with the A opposite the AB-A stamping is correct.

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