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As far as I know and have seen in my limited assortment of manuals & literature, all reproductions will be clearly noted - usually inside the front cover or on the back cover. CTCI has reprinted most of the manuals and literature (with the approval of Ford Motor Co) and they are available at a very reasonable cost. Anyone printing/selling and not making this notation would probably be subject to copyright or licensing violations.

I would suggest buying ALL the reproduction manuals for any collector car that are available for your car and studying the wealth of information. Upgrading your library to original documents can be done as they become available and you would know the subtle differences and where to look for a reproduction notation, or not. This knowledge alone could save you a bunch of money! Personally, I am not "into" displaying or looking at someone's literary collection at car shows and unfortunately expensive original documents can "disappear" during an event, but an assortment on display at a mixed breed car show does look impressive to many.

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