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I'm currently putting my third steering column together and with each one I seem to learn a little more. Here is a list of parts that I replace:
1. Shift tube selector arm (B7302A) $29.95
2. Shift Detent Plate (B7216A) $24.95
3. Shift Collar (B7228A) $109.95
4. Steer Column Upper Bearing (B3517A) $10.95
5. Steer Column Bearing Sleeve (B3518B) $8.67
6. Shift Lever incl. Bushing (B7210F) $38.95
The above part numbers are for a 60 and were purchased at Larry's. Most of the parts houses seem to pretty much use the same numbering system for the parts.
The disappointing piece is the shift collar, which is the most expensive. There are 2 wear points on this collar, with the most wear occurring where the shift lever pin goes. The second wear point is where the collar slides over the shift tube and slides on a piece of steel to prevent the collar from rotating on the shift tube. The wear here is very similar the the wear on the shift tube selector arm. When they repo'd the part, they didn't tighten this fit and it still gives a little play on the PRNDDL indicator. It is liveable, but a little annoying.
With the replacement of these parts, you will have a secure Park, Start in P and N only and reasonable indication of what gear you are in.
Hope this is a little help with your path forward.
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