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Yeah, it's pretty straight forward, John. When the window is up it is also out of the way. I don't know if is actually making the handles. My repops came from Taiwan and it seems every vendor is selling the same stuff. So, you might as well get the cheapest price going.

Squarebird handles are super easy to remove. The button does not have a key lock but it does have an adjustment 'jack screw' (for how far the button depresses before the door unlatches).
Most handles have two plastic (body) pads. The handle casting tightens with two screws that enter from the inside.

Most SB handles are sold with the button included. Make sure you order new pads if yours are chipped or worn.

As said, simply remove your inside handles and pull the inner door panel off per your shop manual. <--This is the hardest part of the whole job.
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