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Your story and pictures bring back so many memories for me. I too, was jogging in my neighborhood, when I spotted my car sitting under a tree in someones front yard. Like your car, the owner let the registration expire, so I ended up with a pretty good bill in back fees.
My car was also white, when I bought it, with the same color interior. Was the exterior color originally white on yours? Mine was the Beige Metallic, which I believe was used on the Car of the Year 1960. I am going to stay with the Corinthian White when it comes out of the body shop.
I also started with a pretty low budget, but will be into the car for 2 to 3 times the original estimate. A lot of lessons learned. One thing I might mention is that if you spend $1000+ at Larrys they will give you a 10% break on all parts. It's not to hard to spend that amount.
You said you have a chrome shop near you. Is it Universal Plating? Just curious.
I also have been chatting with another new member here by the name of Roger. I believe he is in Monrovia and has been diligently getting things done on his car over the last 6 months. One of these days we are to meet up so I can change out his steering column.
Over the years, I have met some really nice TBird owners and made some good contacts. If I can be of any help, contact me. I'm located in Long Beach, so we are pretty close.
BTW, welcome to the site.

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