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Default Project Snowbird - 1960 Hardtop

I am going to make a few more comments regarding your post that might be a help to you, Tim. Regarding the dash pad, that is what was done with mine. Mine was black and I wanted it yellow to match the rest of the car. So my interior guy painted it yellow using a SEM rattle can paint to match the yellow interior.

Regarding the clock, it might be a simple matter of cleaning it, or checking to see if it has power going to it. The wiring diagrams and the clock info is in the TRL. After my CVR went out, apparently, it let 12v get to the 6v gauges. I sent my clock off to the Bird Nest in Oregon, and they rebuilt it and quartzed it. Costly, but worth it to me. The solid state CVR of Dave's will not allow 12v to be passed on to the gauges, should it fail. Dave warranties his CVR units.

It might not be unusual for the generator light to stay on at idle. As long as it goes off when you increase the revs on the engine...

I see that you are going to have to re-key the ignition switch. Check the TRL on that, and also on the light switch. There is information on that there.

Information on replacing the carpet is also in the TRL. A lot of things that you will be working on have already been added to the TRL over the years, thanks to our members who have been down the road you are on. Some of them many times over, over the years.

Larry's Tbird & Mustang Parts carries a lot of parts for these old Tbirds of ours. It is one of the catalogs that you will want to pick up along with all you can get for free.

Check the Advertisements Forum for information on who to call to get a new windshield. Here is one that I know of and hopefully, others will give you additional leads. Bob's Classic Auto Glass - (800-624-2130)

That is all that I can think of for now. I hope this saves you time, effort and money and helps you bring her back to her glory days again...

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