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Thank you for the response. Yes, the dash is completely warped and is need of replacement. I figure I will buy a white one and then paint it to match using vinyl paint. In other restorations I have had my upholstery guy do a double stitch wrap on dashes but I am not sure if I want the look for this build.

The gauges all work except for the clock. When I replaced the gas tank I cleaned and inspected the sending unit and it works correctly. The generator light is on at idle so I will have to polarize the regulator or replace it at some point. I will check the CVR voltage when I pull the dash apart to re-key the ignition.

The front leather seat covers need to be replaced but the rears may be able to be cleaned and saved. I know Concours Parts sells the leather covers or I could have my guy do the leather. The foam is hard and needs to be replaced so I will contact Jed about that and the steering wheel. There is also a place called Larry's about 45 minutes from my house that apparently carries bird parts.

The original headliner has a small hole but is otherwise in good shape so I will leave it alone and the door panels just need to be restapled.

I have a chrome place locally but I think most of the chrome will clean up with a little polish. The only thing I cannot do is paint and we will have to decide whether to repaint it or leave the patina. My body guy will lead in the couple of rust spots and I have matched paint already to blend in on those spots.

The remaining things that I need to work will be wide-whites, carpet, Dynamat, weatherstripping, suspension rebuild and a new windshield. Including the interior it will be about $5,000 for the parts I need to complete the job so it will take me about six months to save up that kind of money. I am also rebuilding another car which will take up part of my time.

This will not be a show restoration but I hope to return it to an honest car that we can drive back and forth to Reno and Arizona for shows.
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