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Default Project Snowbird - 1960 Hardtop

Tim, thanks for posting the pix and the story of the history of your Tbird, that you have been able to determine so far. I was looking through the pix you posted and noting some of the work that needs to be done on her. Cleaning the engine bay should be fairly easy to do and make her look nicer. Down the line, the dashpad is going to need replaced I see. You can only get them in just a few colors, which means you will probably have to spray paint to the color it is now. Instructions for replacing the dashpad can be found in the Technical Resource Library, as will a lot of other good information you will need.

Do the gauges work? If not, the Constant Voltage Regulator (CVR) might be shot. It is behind the instrument panel and sometimes attached to the back of the instrument panel. That information is also in the TRL. If your gauges are not reading, I would suggest that when you get to troubleshooting and fixing that problem, that you save yourself some money and buy one of the solid state ones from Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected. You get a discount if you become a Paid Member in doing so. I went through a couple of regular oem CVR's before I switched to a solid state one and have not had a problem since. If the CVR went out and allowed 12v to get to the 6v gauges, it could damage them. Dave's unit prevents that from happening. If they have been damaged, the Bird Nest can repair them.

Did you get a new gas tank sensor when you bought the tank? Often times, if the gas gauge is not reading right, it can be because the float has gas in it, or the sensor in the tank is corroded and not working right. Some times you can clean it and the contacts and get it working again. If not, you can get it from one of the tbird parts houses.

I see you are going to have quite a bit of interior work to be done.The seat foams are available from Jed Zimmerman here on the Forum. He makes them and also will restore your steering wheel for you. He did mine and it looks brand new now. It looks like your emergency brake handle is missing?

You will want to go to the Advertisements Forum and start calling or email the major parts suppliers for their free catalogs. That way you can price compare and see who stocks what parts and who does not. The Bird Nest in Oregon, the Bird House in Delaware both have parts cars and new parts. As already said, Carl Heller ~ partsetal on here, also has a ton of Squarebirds parts and parts cars and ships all over the world. When it comes to replacing the door panels and seat covers, you will want to do some price comparing. Many of the parts available are only made by one or two companies, who sell to all the major tbird parts houses. Some of the parts companies make their own parts.

A lot of the chrome can be polished up to look good. If you are not going to take her to Concours quality for show and awards, that should do the trick as chroming is expensive. Good luck with restoring her and we will be interested in seeing how the work goes on making her pretty again. Apparently, the engine is in good condition and I see you are getting to drive her a bit.

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