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Ray, the engine has an aftermarket 6-blade fan and there is an electric fan mounted in front of the radiator. According to Peter the radiator is period correct but appears to have been re-cored. The leak is a small one right now so I am going to pull the radiator when I get it home and take it to my local radiator place to see if they can repair the leak.

In the other side of his shop he has a '37 Dodge pickup he is working on for a customer and a nice black '66 Thunderbird convertible he is storing for another customer. White top and white interior. $20K and it can be bought. Peter himself owns a '57 sedan delivery he is working on. He has a Paxton blower on the engine and he modified the hood with a '55-'57 Thunderbird hood blister.

By the way, the reason you couldn't read the whole VIN plate data is because someone peeled off part of it. Grrr.

Thanks for all that you do on the Squarebird. You and others have been a great help to this rookie.
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