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Default 1957 Thunderbird radiator question

Hi Scott, I went to our Advertisements Forum, clicked on CASCO, which is a 1955-1957 Tbird parts house only company. I asked them what the 1957 Tbird had on it for a radiator when it left the factory. They said the OEM radiator was a 3 row radiator. Then I asked them if they had any OEM type 3 row radiators in stock. Their reply is that they do not and they do not know of anyone who is making an OEM 3 row radiator for the Babybird. They have radiators for the '55-'57's but they are copper/brass (not OEM I gather) and aluminum. Check out CASCO in our Ad Forum, look up their copper/brass and aluminum radiator costs. Then go to this website and check and see what they want for a '57 Tbird 2 or 3 row aluminum radiator... I see that Radiator Express says you need to run a 16" fan with these radiators..

If yours is an OEM radiator you might want to have yours re-cored if at all possible...

Here is what their pdf files says about these copper/brass radiators and also their aluminum ones.

First lets look at what radiators are readily available to the Classic thunderbird market.
Here at CasCO we offer two styles of copper-brass (Cu/brass) radiators. both have four rows of 1/2" copper tubes.
Part number 8005G has 144 tubes while parts number 8005H boasts 192 tubes. the manufacturer is able to get more tubes in the 8005H because they space them closer together. the third radiator CasCO offers is the all aluminum radiator. the aluminum radiator, part number 8005J, has two rows of 1" aluminum tubes. so at their core, these radiators are not only made of different materials, they also have different size tubes and different spacing between the tubes. You might wonder why aluminum radiators use 1" tubes and Cu/brass use 1/2" tubes. Our understanding is that aluminum tubing is stronger than the copper tubing. as a result, flattened aluminum tubes can handle more pressure than the copper counterparts without bulging. some calculation shows us that the 8005H has the highest square inches of contact with the fluid in the radiator.

I think the CASCO radiators also require a fan. Here is the .pdf file they provided me with regarding their radiators.

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