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Originally Posted by ss396t6 View Post
...I am a newbie at this and I don't have a Master Parts catalog. I was merely trying to ascertain if the 424 also applied to '57. I now have a 2900424.
Yes, Jopizz is John. He does have a Master Parts Catalog. He is very helpful and comfy with his and other T-birds.

If John cited a 2900424 is included as an OEM and you already have one, it doesn't get any better than that. Ford used a host of regulator numbers and brands (like Bosch) across car and truck lines. John only cited T-bird. If you add all the cars (Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, Edsel), tractors and trucks (we always sold more trucks than cars), you quickly realize that it's impossible for one company to make millions of production and service regulators in one year. Although the part number didn't change, Ford used a vendor number to identify the parts. All the regulators work equally as well within the same part number.

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