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Originally Posted by ss396t6 View Post
What was the part number of the original FOMOCO voltage regulator on '56-'57 Thunderbirds?
Originally Posted by jopizz View Post
The part number shows as B7A-10505-B. However the numbers stamped on the regulator could be 2700015 or 2900424...
Originally Posted by ss396t6 View Post
I am also an NCRS member and all I hear is Top Flight and correct this and correct that. I do lean toward correct but concourse is not my goal...
I'm trying to figure out your point. You asked for correct part numbers, John gave them, now you don't like it. What do you really want? It's simply a 30-amp regulator.

Why don't you drop the old generator and regulator, and fit a good self-regulating alternator in its place? - Dave
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