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Default Vacuum for transmission

Hi All

Just bought my first V8 after 25 years with aircooled VW.
My car is a 1961 Thunderbird bought with a defective transmission.
When PO bought the car it couldn`t go in reverse, he opened it and replaced clutch plates and brake bands, but didn`t replace o-rings. He then put it togehter and the reverse was ok, but it can only shift from 2 to 3 when it`s very cold.
When I start in D1 it has a very bad noise, so I have bought another transmission.
Today I started the replacement of transmision and I then discovered that the transmission vacuum ain`t connected at the carburator, and I can`t figure out where to mount it.
As you can see in the picture the tube ends with a screw.
Has the carburator been replaced so I don`t have this vacuum output?

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