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I had a difficult time finding disk brake compatible wheels for my '59 when I was doing the disk brake conversion. I couldn't find any locally so I eventually got Ray Clark to get me three rims from a pull yard near him. The reason I only got three rims is because I wanted two for the front wheels and one for the spare. The spare can be used on either the front or rear axles. Having the rims transported to me from Texas was a major expense. I had the rims powder coated. I wanted to be certain that the rims would work so I took one to Dave Dare's to try it on his '59 Galaxie (which he had already converted to disk brakes using the same Scarebird brackets as I intended to use). It fit, but as Dave says, the clearances are quite small. Dave has used that photograph showing the offset and my hand numerous times so maybe I should consider requesting royalty for permission to use it! The sticker on the rim is from Canada Customs - it signified that I had taken the rim with me when I crossed into the US and therefore didn't have to pay duty on it when I brought it back into Canada.
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