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Steer clear of 4-piston calipers. They don't offer any advantage over single piston calipers except they use more parts. OEMs use single piston for a good reason. They are more reliable because less parts means fewer things that can go wrong.

Another point is, try not to get an erector set for caliper brackets. I use and like the Scarebird brackets because they are one piece that bolts directly to your OEM spindles. Again, fewer things to go wrong.

Scarebird brackets hold S-10 calipers and pads. Every auto parts store across the US has them in stock and usually in different compounds, so it's your choice.

Aftermarket 14" steel wheels fit Scarebird/S-10 setups (like Marcello's):

BTW, these are 11" Mustang rotors. They use your original T-bird bearings and grease seals.

Everything you see here is new including the 'dog dish' hubcaps, 14" wheels and tires. Stunningly simple and beautiful, isn't it?

14" Ranger wheels fit. Simply look for Ford wheels that came off of a disk brake car. All 15" wheels fit, too.

Most folks want their Squarebird to look bone stock but they need a safe ride. Electric wipers are hidden and so are disk brakes, especially if you use your sunburst original hub caps. The end result from changing to disk brakes is astounding. - Dave
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