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Default Steel wheels for my 60 Bird.

I have not posted on here for a while, but as the title implies i am looking for a set of standard wheels for my car, i wish to use the original wheel covers, on a 14" rim, but despite efforts to acquire such items i am no further forward in my quest.

Most people in the USA seem to find it too difficult, for reasons best known to themselves, to package and post this type of item, they are lucky they are not dealing with such issues in Canada.

However, i digress i have found an auto dismantler in Nebraska who has already sent me several parcels, and is happy to post me a set of wheels.

My question is, are the 59/60 rims identical, are they slotted or perforated in any way, despite searching i have not found any info or pictures, to answer this question.

I have another 60. T.Bird on later 14" rims from a 64 ford, and one odd rim on the car in question, these are all slotted.

Hoping some one can answer this post, maybe with a picture.
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