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If you look under Our Rides and elijahbird7's Tbirds, there are some photos of taking off the kit. If you can enlarge the photos where the kit is off, you can see the areas of the rear bumper where the extension was bolted and the damage to the rear bumper in those locations. You may want to come up with some sort of protection material between the bumper and the extension. Other areas to think about are on the back side of the full rear face cover, there are 2 steel straps that fit over the tire that hold the trunk side cover in place. These rub against the back side of the full face cover and should have some kind of protective covering on them. Mine also had some paint rubbed off where the cut off bumper bullets rubbed against the trunk side cover, again something could be placed between these parts and that cover. Mine had a bias ply tire in there which you will likely need to make it fit as well. Same issue I had with my 56, radial tires are too wide to fit. Lastly, that curved gas inlet extension makes a gas fill a very slow process. If you can find a funnel with a long flexible spout that will go far enough in to enter the original fuel inlet, it should work much better at fill up time.
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