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Default manifold machining

Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
These guys are telling it straight, your speedometer gear will be off by a percentage of your speed. Look into buying another gear with one more tooth. There are speedometer companies that sell a 'box' that they can dial-in. Your speedometer will be right on the nose afterward. Your tires may be shorter than the originals. Get with a good tire company and see if they have tires that match your original tire heights.

Exhaust manifold bolts are 3/8" diameter. Buy stainless steel socket-head cap screws and lock washers. Going to a harder bolt will not help because your exhaust manifolds get cherry red hot. That anneals carbon steel, drawing the carbon out which makes the bolts soft again. 18-8 stainless does not have a carbon case harden. If you cannot find bolts in your area, check eBay.

Exhaust manifolds don't cost a hundred bucks to machine, here in Detroit. (I just bought a pair of FE manifolds for $100.) These manifolds had NO gasket when your car left the factory. Flat manifolds need no gaskets. When you tighten exhaust manifold bolts, they feel solid, not spongy. - Dave
Our shops here are demanding anywhere between $60 and $70 bucks per manifold. I figured that I may as well get them both done at the same time. As for the bolts when it comes time to torque them it will either be a two man job. Can you let me know what it may cost to have the manifolds machined in your area or somewhere near Port Huron as that is closer for me. Also what do you think of using the copper Permatex in-between the heads and the exhaust manifold?
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