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Exclamation Need some HELP

It's been awhile since I have had any issues with the 60T. I wanted to call it "Whitey" (because it is Corinthian White) but it may not be well received. Any how I need some info on a couple of things. Number one is the speedometer. It reads about 10 mph higher than my GPS but yet I checked the gears and they appear to be correct. My tires are a 70 series 14" and I wouldn't think there would be that much difference to throw the speedo out. Also when the speedo gets up to about 55 mph the needle starts to bounce and gets worse when you get to 65 and higher. I had it up to 115 mph and it seems to level out ( hey that's only 105!). Is there any service that can be performed on the speedo head? I had someone tell me there were magnets that control the movement in the needle.

Issue number two; I just ordered a fan shroud and I hope this helps with my cooling problem. I am good on the highway, runs about 180 but when I get into a idling situation or stop and go trying to get into a car show I watch my (aftermarket temp gauge) go up to 212 degrees. If I slip it into neutral and increase my revs the temp gauge goes down right away so here's hoping the shroud helps. What do you think?

Issue number three; my new exhaust manifold cracked on the drivers side on two ears and a big chunk came out of the casting. I've always had a problem on the drivers side with leaking no matter what I do. I tried no-blow gaskets but I think this may have caused the death of the manifold. The gaskets are to soft and its hard to get a good feel for how tight the bolts are. I have tried other gaskets, copper sealant, no luck. I have an old drivers side manifold that had a crack and my neighbour is brazing it up then I will pay the $130.00 bucks to have both the manifolds planed down again. Does any one have a sure fire solution to fixing this problem? I am also considering going to a grade 10 Socket Head Cap Screw so I can get an allen socket on them. Its hard to get on some of the Hex Head Screws with a socket and you have to use a wrench.

Lots of issues - need lots of help.

Not all bad news though. I won Best Ford at one show, top 20 at a Michigan show and the Queens Cup (first place) at another.

Really shouldn't be complaining about the car I might hurt its feelings.

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