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Torque specs are different, depending on what lube and bolts you use. ARP bolts have their own torque specs when used with their moly lube. CLICK HERE for their chart.

In my engine building experience (before ARP came around), I always chase the threads, clean out the holes and check for depth clearance. I mix STP with 10W-30 oil in a cup with a small brush so that the consistency just hangs onto the bolt. I brush a little into the female threads and I coat the bolt threads. That takes care of my moly lube.

For bolts that pass through water jackets, I dry the bolts and use a Teflon pipe paste (PTFE), available at all the box stores.

Your head bolts are 7/16" diameter grade 6, not 1/2" grade 8. Be careful not to over tighten them or one will break, like this one did: CLICK HERE Yes, I've been there.

The Service Manual for your engine says the following:
Head bolts - 75 Ft/lbs. (hot). (I wouldn't go passed 70)
Intake Manifold - 23-28Ft/lbs.
Rocker Shaft to Cylinder Head - 12-15Ft/lbs. (I would go to 20)
Valve Rocker Arm Adjusting Nut - 30-35Ft/lbs.

I hope you cleaned out your rocker shafts & rocker arms, slotted the oil holes,

and plugged that bypass tube on the end (to pressurize the shaft):

- Dave
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