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352tb430 and I had the opportunity to really look this setup over at the VTCI International in New Orleans on Saturday afternoon of the meet. Here's a few observations I have about what we found:

1. The carbs on the setup were C1AE's, i.e. the "cut-off" Holley 2300s, that were modified by cutting off the straight portion of the gasket ledge. The air cleaner had been modified by pop-riveting plates over the rear of the carb air horn openings in order to block off space due to the "cut off" base.
2. The air cleaner was also modified by grinding a notch into it to clear the rear edge of the surge tank.
3. Likewise, the upper rear half of the surge tank was modified to flatten it out at the seam line in order for the air cleaner to sit in place.

I know they had problems with the fuel pump driving to NOLA - the outboard carbs had their lines disconnected and they had to install an inline electric pump to get there. When we were driving to Biloxi, MS on I-10 the day after the meet they were on the side of the road somewhere between NOLA and the turnoff for the highway to Gulfport, MS, I assume, due to fuel pump issues.

I didn't get to look under the car (I hate shows in parking garages - too dark to look under cars) at the oil pan, but it certainly was interesting to finally get a chance to physically see and touch one of these rarities.
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