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Default No fuel to fuel pump

Thanks for the great forum. I have a 60 T-bird 352 that's been stored in recent years. I've always had to prime the car several times after its set for 3-4 days to draw fuel to the carb. I'm working on it this summer and found that I'm not getting any fuel to the pump. Tank in original. Here's where I'm at:

- I removed the fuel feed line from the bottom of the pump and put air pressure to the line. I hear a slight "thunk" sound from the tank area and air seems to be going through.

- dumb question #1: if the line is clear, should gas flow from the line when I place it below the car with the gas cap off.

- dumb question #2: I only put around 3 gallons in the tank and probably will add more (didn't want to put more in, in case I had to drain tank). Maybe I didn't have enough in the tank to feed the pump?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. - Peter
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