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Yes, I know it isnt good. Today drove to town, 19 mi. one way, temp outside was around 80, water temp 155 or 160. This is the way it has been for at least the last five years. Because of it I try not to drive it until ambient temps are at least 60. In early morning with temp of 55 the coolant will run 150. Yeah it isnt good at all. Tried more than a few times to run it down without result. Checked autometer gauge accuracy with a certified thermometer. Verified it with a IR unit aimed at front of intake and back where the temp sender resides. Replaced thermostats, changed thermostat from Robert Shaw to something different. Removed auto hot air choke.

The only time it will get to 180 on the highway is on a hot day, driving interstate, at 65-70 mph, with a lot of passes to go through (i.e. Southern Oregon I-5).

When in town it will get up to 180-190, then I kick on an electric fan. Aluminum cross flow rad, high flow aluminum pump, very close tolerance between pump and intake volute, 3.00 rear, aluminum intake, standard trans, 2750 lbs. vehicle, no heater, clean block, 180 degree thermostat.

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