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Default Power Sunroof?

David, you have quite the car there. As you probably saw, I am the one who registered it on the Tbird Registry, after John ~ jopizz located it. You are a very fortunate fellow in that you have an extremely rare '60 Golde Top with a powered roof in it. The only two I know of is this one and Kevin's in England. So not only do you have a rare '60 Golde Top (there were not that many made), but an even rarer one with a powered roof and a manual transmission. According to the Data Plate on this car, it left the plant with a Conventional or Manual transmission in it. According to the Data Plate breakdown, the VIN # is 0Y71Y151265, which breaks down as 0=1960-Y=Built at Wixom Plant-71=2Dr HT-151265=the 51,265th Squarebird made that year (The 1 is always dropped). The Model 63A=2Dr HT Color=A=Raven Black-Trim=55=Red/White interior-Date=29D=Scheduled for production on the 29th of April, but could have been built before or after that date-Tran=1=Conventional (Manual)-Axle=9=3:70 Std/Overdrive. So there is your breakdown of the Data Plate if you need it. This car deserves to be restored and returned to it's original condition WITH the power roof left in.

You are also very fortunate in that you live not to far from John ~ jopizz, a fantastic mechanic and Carl Heller ~ partsetal, also, on here. They should be a tremendous help to you in advising you on restoring this Bird, and Carl in helping to locate parts for it especially. Carl has a lot of Squarebird parts and ships all over the world. So you are indeed a lucky man and also because you get to do this with your Dad, who has been down this road before restoring a Squarebird. It will be a great project to work with him on.

I hope you can restore this very special Squarebird to its former glory and if we can do anything to help, please let me know. Also if you want to update the information on the Tbird Registry, you can do so by going to and go through the process of updating ownership of it, and your plans for it. If you need any help doing that, email John Rotella and ask for help, or contact me. John is also a member of this Forum. This website might also be of help to you regarding the production of the 1960 Squarebird and Golde Top.

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