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Default Power Sunroof?

While checking out the local Craigslist ads I happened across an interesting find. A 1960 Thunderbird Sunroof. Although the fact that it was a sunroof was interesting enough the ad also said that it was a three speed manual car. That certainly got my interest. Since it was only about 10 minutes away I had to see it first hand. Seeing the car in person was even more puzzling. The sunroof was electric. Normally I would pass it off as just a modified hardtop but the fact that the roof opening was cut identical to a factory sunroof and the slider brackets were obviously Golde manufacture made it even more curious. The motor and switch location looks very similar to a 67-73 Thunderbird sunroof. The dome light also looks like a '72 Ford dome light. Since there was no signs of a windbar and the dome light is incorrect and in the wrong location I can only assume that it was not a factory sunroof but maybe dealer installed. Unfortunately someone changed the column shift to a floor shift. Here are some pictures.

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