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Default elijahbird7's Tbirds!

Jim just sent me another pic of two of his Birds. Here is what he had to say in his "Almost Spring" email.

"Ray, We are finally getting a few days where I can get the cars out. So far, the following projects have been completed on the '59: intake manifold gaskets replaced, fuel pump replaced, major tune up-plugs, points, cap, rotor and plug wires and carb cleaned and adjusted, new exhaust system and new radial tires. Tomorrow it goes in for replacement of the front and rear springs. The fronts had spacers in them and it sits low in the rear. .got those from McVeigh. I had my body shop guy look at a couple of places and will take it in on May 6th to work on those areas. Then the only thing left will be to replace the driver's seat cover as it has a couple of splits in it. Then done??? I imagine she will decide she needs attention somewhere along the path..

Happy motoring
Jim Elijah"

After I posted this, Jim sent me this additional information.

"One thing that was interesting..after timing was set and all tune up parts in place, it was hesitating on acceleration. Don decided to pull the top of the carb off and removed the primary venturi. He cleaned it and got quite a bit of crap to fall out. He told the other mechanic to pull the secondary venturi to clean as well. As he was pulling it up, it just broke. The metal was cracked and looked like it was self destructing. Don went upstairs to see if he had any old Ford carbs around, which he didn't. It was lunch time so he said to go have lunch and he would try to epoxy it back together so I could drive it home and we could order some parts. As I left, my mind said to go home and look to see if I still had a left over carb from the '66 in my basement...and I did have one as well as one from my '56. I took both carbs back in, and the venturies in the '66 were in perfect shape and were a direct fit...even the gasket at the top was like brand new and could be swapped over as well....made his day! Was the metal venturi suffering from ethanol??? Maybe. It's hard to see the actual crazing in the metal, but you can see where it was broken."

In checking out the carb that was used on the 1966 Flairbirds, according to Automotive Mile Posts, the 1966 used the Ford 9510 4-bbl carb on all three engines in use back then, the 390, the 390 export, and the 428. So, if that is correct, and I gather it is, the venturies from the Ford 9510 should fit perfectly on your '59 Ford 4100 carb, if that is what it is...

Here is a pic of his '59 & '56 "shy" Birds peeking their beaks out to see if it is safe to come out from Winter...
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