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Sean, I have a 292 Y-block in our '59 Galaxie. I use Shell Rotella-T 15W-40 oil. Because these engines are flat tappet, they need ZDDP (zinc & phosphorous). 15W-40 has 1,000 parts per million, which is about as much as you can find in any modern oil. High concentrations of ZDDP are usually found in racing oils or oil with '40' or more in the numbers.

Auto parts stores also carry additives that boost ZDDP. You can use the additive with just about any good name-brand oil.

Do a google search for oil that is safe for flat tappet engines. Just about all classic car engines are in the same boat so all the different brand car owners are looking for oil that won't wear out their camshafts.

Our Y-blocks have 'solid lifters' which means we adjust the lash as part of a major tune-up. Hope this helps. - Dave
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