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Default 56 Bird No Porthole

I have an early production 56 Fiesta Red that does not have the port hole. I was always told it was a mid year replacement and early 56's did not have that top.

I have also read it was an either or factory option at some point too.

Neverthe less I have a 56 I bought from original owner that never had the portholes.

Originally Posted by Joe Johnston View Post
I am still in the midst of unpacking from our move to FL from OH, so many of the books and reference materials I have are still packed. Basically the tops will all interchange with all 3 years with only minor changes of the latches and trim. That being said 55's had no port holes, 56's did, and 57's could be either way. YES there are some early and late production differences to contradict that general statement which I do not have access to at present. Also there is a difference in the number of seams of the headliner for the 56 - 57 years with along with the latches is the best determining factor as to exactly the year. Hopefully someone else will jump in here with the exact differences.
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