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Default A Scam/Phishing Email-Beware!

Beware of receiving an email with a title similar to or exactly like this one... Court attendance notification #ID514

There is a new (to me) scam going around now of an email with the subject title like the above. DO NOT open any attachment that comes with this email! This is an attempt to get you to look at what the attachment says in order to obtain additional information regarding this notice.They want you to think you need to open that attachment in order to respond to this court notification. Below is what one sample of this email looks like, received this morning by a good friend of mine, who immediately contacted me, asking for me to check this out for her. I have removed her email address.

Notice a thing or two about this email. It comes from a company called which happens to be a very well known international law firm. It can also come from any number of other well known law firms. Someone has spoofed a good number of well known law firms email addresses. It says that you must appear in the "Court of Georgia" but does not tell you where this court is located. They want you to open that attachment to find out and respond to this. DO NOT DO IT! It will infect your computer. In checking this email out on the internet, I have found that many people have received emails just like this, but with different clerk names as the signatory. Many different clerk names.... Below this is some additional information. First of all most times if you are going to receive a notice to appear in court, you will have a summons processor knocking on your door, or you will receive notification through the post office. Almost never via email.

From: Illegal software []
Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 9:44 PM
Subject: Court attendance notification #ID514

Warrant to appear,

Please be informed that you are expected
in the Court of Georgia on February 2nd, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
where the hearing of your case of illegal software use will take place.

You may obtain protection of a lawyer, if necessary.
Please bring your identity documents to the Court on the named day.
Attendance is compulsory.

The detailed plaint note is attached to this letter, please download and read it thoroughly.

Court clerk,

Here are some links that will further educate you regarding this scam.

Then I did some more digging.. Searching for "scam emails being sent from" got me this!

Notice the list of law firms they have used to send out these email, including Delete the email and then delete it out of your Deleted folder, or Junk folder, whatever it is called. Get it completely off your computer.

Please pass this email on to all your friends and families and save them from infecting their PC's because of a bogus email that is intended to scare them into opening that attachment and infect their computers.

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