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I'm sure the booster was not working at its best, but now it is completely disconnected. The GM hydraboost system has given my friend excellent brakes. He also had several of the Bendix systems on cars over the years and highly recommended switching. My brakes are fine now, just a bit high on the pedal effort. I want to improve on that since the car will be given to my daughter (after I am done having fun with it) and I want to give it a more modern car feel with light pedal effort.

There really isn't much room to work with and when I saw the master and booster unit I was thinking there will be enough room and was hoping someone had already converted. My buddy lives in OH and I have moved to FL, so taking the car to his house to do some quick measuring isn't possible. I will have to take several pictures and get the measurements from him and then we can decide.

Thanks for the help
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