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Granada spindles are wonderful. I have never heard one complaint about their strength or performance. They fit a host of Ford cars and decades of history proved that Ford got disk brakes 'right the first time'. Aftermarket companies reproduce these 'Mustang' spindles, today. They also have no clue as to how many classic Fords these spindles fit.

I installed them on our '55 Customline, which have slightly different and very LONG lower "A" arms. I used the Granada back plates with the elephant ear air scoops.

Our '55 is a full size Ford Fordor with a very long wheelbase and a full frame. The car came with 15" tires. Fairlanes came with 16" wheels as std equipment.

1955 was a transitional period in Ford Car history:
It was the last year Ford used 6 volt, POS ground.
Thunderbird was introduced in '55 (on a full-size Ford frame).
Fairlane (with the iconic 'check mark' on the side) was introduced in '55.

Our '59 Galaxie has the same spindles as Squarebirds. I kept those spindles and retrofit Scarebird brackets in place of the OEM drum setup. I would have used Granada spindles but I couldn't find a set cheaper than the Scarebird brackets at the time. - Dave
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