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Dave - that's something I hadn't really considered. Could just limit the range of the spindles so they don't get to the point where the rotor scrapes. I'll bet the Granada and Tbird limit bumps were not in the same place. It takes "40 Acres" to turn this thing around already so would like to find another solution if possible but thanks for the idea.

Your Galaxie has Granada spindles doesn't it? Don't the Tbird and Galaxie share the same upper and lower A-arms? Do you have the backing plates have you ever noticed your rotors scraping them in sharp turns?

Looking further my Granada backing plates have a "scoop" for pulling air on to the rotors (which is the main reason I put them back on). Looks like the scoops could be contacting the sway bar and distorting the backing plate at the bottom causing the scrape. I'm wondering if the setup Grant is working on with Versailles spindles will have the same problem. Don't think there are many folks out there with the Granada spindles on the Tbird for comparison. I need to get my camera in there and see if I can tell what's going on but I'm itching to drive the car for a while and quit trying to "prefect" it.

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