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Talking It's hard to find a good mechanic...

Originally Posted by Ian M Greer View Post
Flyinthermals , well said and I agree unless you have total confidence in your mechanic it really isn't a big deal to do your own oil change . And yes you always want to keep your better half happy. By the way are you thinking of going to Barrie Flee Market in September , maybe we can meet up , Ian M Greer (REMEMBER NOT ALL BIRDS FLY SOUTH )
I'm lucky - my 'mechanic' runs his own business which amongst the mundane jobs it also handles the majority of 'petrol-head' type jobs in town, i.e. engine swaps, hot-ups, transmission rebuilds etc, he's a drag-racer and lover of all American cars - favouring the bow-tie brigade sadly but will dirty his hands on any V8.

Oh, after saying all that, I do all my oil/filter changes etc anyway!.
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