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Well, I now own a 1958 Thunderbird Convertible .
The car has NO rust, the original 352 motor, auto gearbox and all of the parts are there. It even has the original 1965 California number plates with the 1965 registration sticker on the top right hand side.
Apparently the car was with a collector in the US who had the car since 1965. The car sat in his collection for the next 41 years. It was then sold to the person I bought the car off and he had it from 2006 up until last week (7 years). So from what I can work out this car has been MIA for 49 years.

I am extremely happy with the car, as I said it has no rust anywhere and hopefully it will only take me about 6 to 12 months long to get it back on the road (well thatís the plan). It will be restored to original condition. From what iI can work out it was the 8th Convertible produced according to the body number.
Does anyone know how many were produced in this colour and trim? I will up load some photos when I work out how.
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