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Default Rust Proofing 62 Coupe

Hi All,

I need some advice. I was thinking about the unthinkable. Taking the car to "Krown" rustproofing and letting them drill holes in the body and apply that rust proofing creeping oil. This product is amazing but I am not sure if it should be done. I was going to have them leave the holes uncapped after spraying and address the holes at home with paint and clear coat touch up. I am studying the body of this car to determine where is the best place to let them drill the holes to ensure as much as that oil as possible gets to where it should go. The earlier birds have drainage plugs in the wheel wells but I don't know if the 62 coupe has. I want to soak the rocker areas, doors and wheel wells. Although this car does not see the rain. It has seen cold temps during storage and any surface rust that is hiding I would like to halt it.

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