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Very nice series of pictures on how to rebuild a starter. Here is something that I ran into. I rebuilt the starter and had problems within a pretty short period of time. After pulling the starter back out, I found that both of the armature bushings were completely worn out. I knew I had replaced them, so the only thing I could think of was that the drive was not disengaging from the ring gear. I tested the starter drive by putting it on a piece of 1/2" s.s. tubing and then pressing the drive gear against a wire wheel or buffer wheel attached on my grinder. You could also use the armature shaft after the drive pin is removed. When you spin the starter drive in the correct rotation, the drive gear should retract and stay in the retracted position. I couldn't get it to do this. I bought a new drive and did the same test and it worked fine. I replaced the starter drive and bushings and things have been good so far. For reference, my original starter drive looked good, would slide freely on the acme thread, but didn't appear to retract like it was supposed to. I think the engine needs to get to about 300-400 RPM for the drive to retract. Testing my memory on this number.
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