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Default A Good Piece Of Advice...

I do not think I have covered this subject before, but I thought I would share this with ya'll. Some time ago, our intrepid webmaster, Dave Dare aka simplyconnected, gave me this piece of advice that I have put to good use. Here is what he suggested.

Windows Operating Systems have a My Documents folder that most everyone dumps their family pictures, music, Word docs, and everything else of a personal nature into it and its sub-folders. That is all well and good... until you experience a Windows crash and you lose all your personal stuff. Of course, if you have it backed up to CD's or DVD's or an external hard drive (as you should regularily) you will have the back up to fall back on. But here is what Dave suggested that I do, as he has done.

Instead of dumping everything personal into Windows My Documents, create a new folder and put it directly on the C: drive, OUTSIDE of Windows. Should Windows crash, (and not the hard drive) you will not lose your personal stuff. Once again though, back up that new folder on a regular basis so if you ever do lose your hard drive, you will have it on a back up.

So I took his advice, and created a new folder outside of Windows and called it My Stuff. In it, I have the same sub-folders that are found in My Documents, and more. When I want to save something personal it goes into the My Stuff folder instead. I keep this folder backed up to my external hard drive on a regular basis.

If you are not doing something like this, you might want to consider doing it. It could save you a ton of headaches in trying to restore or recover lost personal information that you have stored inside of Windows... Thanks, Dave, for a great idea that I have put to good use. Come to think of it, I probably should back up my folder again!

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