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Default Fairly New Virus On The Loose

Dave gave you some really good information. Thanks to him I stopped using Windows My Documents and its sub-folders to store all my personal and important stuff in some time ago. He explained to me that if you lose Windows you lose all your "stuff". He suggested that I create a folder on the C: Drive, outside of Windows and back it up on a regular basis. So I created a folder I call "My Stuff" and park everything personal and important to me in it. Then I copy that folder over to my backup drive often. Now if Windows gets creamed, I have not lost my personal and important stuff. If I lose my C: Drive, and have to replace it, I have it on my backup drive, and I also copy it to a CD.

I run McAfee for my anti-virus software because, like Dave and Norton, McAfee comes with AT&T which I am on. But as he said and the websites I cited said, not even the best of anti-virus software packages can detect everything that you are liable to run into these days.

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