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Default Fairly New Virus On The Loose

I have had two friends tell me that they have just been hit by a nasty virus that has locked up their computer. I know the name of the first one, but not the second one yet. From what that person told me it sounds like it might be the same one. Here is what one of my friends had to say happened to him.

"My system has been siezed by "System Care Antivirus" it prohibits execution of all software and programs with request for purchase of $59.99 to fix problem (?) and of course wants credit card with security code. All software, uninstall, system recovery, etc will not execute."

Here is what the second person had to say.

"Saturday night a window opened on my desktop that looked like an antivirus program. It showed that there were viruses on my computer, and had a bar to click to take care of the problems. When I clicked on it several listings went away. When I tried to get rid of the others, I was taken to a website to buy the upgraded software to take care of the rest of the viruses. Since I didnít recognize the software, I went back to my desktop, and discovered that everything was frozen! Sunday afternoon I took the CPU to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, and itís going to cost me a lot of money to get it backed up, cleaned up, and useable again. I havenít seen any warnings about this, but you might want to spread the word. There is nothing to open Ė it appears open on the desktop, and looks quite legitimate, but it is the virus. Two other people here have gotten hit on their home computers."

It is important to know that if you visit a website and it suddenly pops up a warning that it has just scanned your PC and found a bunch of virus's on it, get out of that website quickly. Or if that message suddenly pops up, shut down your computer. If you find your computer locked up, you might have to follow the instructions below by going into Safe Mode. It is either a website that is trying to sell you their software by generating a list of virus's it said it found on your PC (which, if you have an anti-virus software installed already, it should have found. However, I am reading where the major anti-virus software programs are not detecting this). OR, it is a website that actually contains a virus and wants you to click on a link that takes you to a link that has the virus in it and it will infect your computer. DO NOT click on anything like this that comes up as a result of visiting some website. The idea behind this software is to infect your PC, then direct you to a website where you can buy the "fix" for it. They ask for your credit card information and your security code. If you give it to them, they will probably max out your credit card... This is, apparently, a fairly new virus that started showing up in April.

Here is what a company with removal instructions for this virus has to say about it. If you google System Care Antivirus you will find a number of websites that have a way to get this virus off your computer. You might want to print this out so you have it if you ever have this problem.

Vista Security Cleaner Pro is said to be another one of these infection programs to watch out for also....

Here is how to clean this one. Again, you might want to print this out because if one of these hits you, you are probably not going to be able to get into your PC to read these.

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