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I have made it back to the car... at the top of the ignition resistor I have 12V. At the bottom I have about 5V and the resistor gets very hot (can't touch it)!

I have 5 V going into the coil (+ side), 0 out (- side)

Another question... I have two wire hooked to the negative side of the coil. 1) goes directly to the distributor, the other is in the same wire bundle as "source power" and goes back through the firewall... what is the other wire?

Also... for future... what should I have out of the - side of the coil? 12V or 9
The resistor getting hot to touch is normal.

Both power leads (as Dave mentioned) should go the the + side of the coil. Only one goes from the coil - terminal to the distributor.

The value of the resistor should be given in the Shop Manual.
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