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Yes by Bussbar, I mean Ignition resistor (didn't know what it was called)! I lower wire coming off of the ignition resistor smokes when the key is on and the wire is fried. Is this just a regular wiring w/ clips (for replacement)? Is that lower wire supposed to be on the positive or negitive of the coil?

At the top of the ignition resistor I have 12V... Also on one wire of the coil (can't remember if it's "pos" or "neg" post). I do not have 12 V at the points.

Battery and starter are both new... I will focus on the ground wires for the slow cranking.
I have not checked the voltage during cranking!

This is just a quick post to elaborate a little but I'll go back out tonight and be more clear as to what I'm facing. Thanks

BTW... where do I buy a shop manual (that you spoke about)?
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