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By "Bussbar" do you mean the ignition resistor? The Tbird used a upright metal clad resistor, not the ceramic unit seen on some cars.

Do the points spark when turning it over?

Start tracing where you have voltage - at the coil, solenoid etc. Remember the ignition switch has to be turned on.

There is no fusible link on an early Bird

Originally Posted by VinceBird View Post
I have a 56, 100% original but it hasn't ran in a long time.

I just bought it!

It seems to cranks slowly (compared to what I'm used to) and has no spark. I have 12 Volts, to the distributor (at the buss bar) but not in the distributor.

Also, is there fusable link going from the Buss bar to the coil? That is burnt and smoking!

How do I test further? Are these distributors relatively straight forward?
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