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Default Water pump exchange

Hello guys, long time no see... I'm just at the beginning of putting my newly purchased '59 t-bird into a shape and as the bird overheats a bit, I need to start with cooling. There's a loose fan belt which I'll exchange, but presently I need to ask the more experienced of you about two things:

a) is there an easy way to determine if the water pump is malfunctioning somehow or does not work at 100 %? Either by spinning it by hand to see if it goes loose or hard or so... There's a 15% off discount on cooling and gas systems at Mac's parts till the end of May and as the $110 is not that high price, I'm thinking about buying the pump either to exchange it or to keep it as a spare one (I'm from Europe so keeping some particular parts could come handy when it comes to an exchange).

b) is it worth to purchase the '61-'66 6-blade fan instead of the original? Does it work better? Any experience?
Is this the one I could use? Does it fit or it needs to be adjusted somehow?

Thanks a lot for any of your help!
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