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Default Do We Have A Deal 4 U!!!

Our intrepid webmaster, Dave Dare ~ simplyconnected, jack of all trades, and master of all, has come up with a deal you cannot afford to turn down!

As you Paid Members know, from reading in the Members Only Forum, Dave has been building and marketing solid state Constant Voltage Regulators (CVR) to replace those old mechanical OEM versions, many of which are being made in China these days. I had one vendor tell me that they are having quality control problems with some of those. These older mechanical type CVR units sell from $12 used to $24-$35 new, plus shipping. Then you have to worry about whether or not you just bought a Chinese defect!

This unit does the same thing that the original OEM version does, only better and it is American made. (Dave tells me that he was "made" in Chicago!) It is a solid state unit. However, the other available solid state unit costs you between $50 and up to $54.95 plus shipping.

So here is the "deal"! Sooner or later, you are gonna have problems with that mechanical CVR unit, and sometimes more than once as in my case. Instead of buying the old OEM version, buy the new solid state version from Dave. You can install it and forget it. This unit has been available only to Paid Members of this Forum for only $25 until now, a big savings over the other solid state version. Customers all over the world are very satisfied with the results.

He will sell his guaranteed for life, solid state CVR to non-paid members for $35 plus $7 US shipping, (including domestic insurance). But if you become a Paid Member, you can buy it for $25+ like the other Paid Members can! It is like getting your Paid Membership for FREE (with all the other benefits of it) compared to buying the other solid state version for $50-$55 plus shipping. What a deal!

If you buy Dave's solid state CVR unit you MUST send him your old unit because he is going to build your solid state unit right in the old container. In addition, he is marketing a test set for $10 plus shipping that you can use to test your gauges.

Here is a link that shows what Dave does to convert your old non-solid state CVR to solid state.

The CVR was used in 1957-1966 across all F/L/M cars and trucks. They have always been a source of problems if they hit the 6v gauges with a full 12v.

However, the cure for fixing this problem of 12v being passed on to the gauges and damaging them is the solid state CVR. It will not allow 12v to be passed through it to the gauges. It will shut itself down to prevent that. When working properly, you will get a solid 6v to our 6v gauges and eliminate this problem.

So save yourselves some major headaches, and money and get a FREE Paid Membership (compared to the cost of the other solid state version). When you need another CVR buy this one!

To quote JohnG:

Originally Posted by JohnG View Post
nice work , Dave!!

This is valuable for several reasons: a) if your oldie goes and sticks in the 12V position, you can fry your gauges b) it's far more accurate so your gauges might be more accurate and c) it's American made with American labor
The above information is now in the Technical Resource Library (TRL)

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