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Default Maiden Voyage of my 61T - Oh No!!!!

Hi all

Well, I took the car to the New South Wales Thunderbird National Titles on the weekend. It was about 200 miles each way. It was a great weekend and I'll post some photos in the Anything Goes forum.

Before I left the car had a couple of issues that needed to be sorted. There was a light knocking noise at idle that the mechanic thought was a stuck lifter. He suggested adding some lifter clear to the oil and taking the car for a run. There was also a slight leak from the power steering box. The box looked like it had been rebuilt recently and again I was advised to put an additive in to bring the seals back to life.

Anyway, the car went very well. However, some of the TBird guru mechanics had a listen to the engine noise. It only becomes apparent when the motor is hot and it tends to fade in and out. It can be quite loud although you don't hear it when driving or when the engine is revved. So after much listening with long screwdrivers (no one had a stethoscope) the noise appears to be emanating from the timing chain area. Another mechanic said it also could be a gudgeon pin (wrist pin) - hopefully not.

When we arrived back home, again no problems on the road, the noise was still apparent. I left the motor idling for 5 minutes while I raised the deck lid to get things out of the boot (trunk) and when I moved the car there was a pool of engine oil about 8 inches across underneath. I also checked the power steering reservoir and the dip stick was dry (it was at the correct level when we left). The motor was not leaking oil before the trip.

To be honest, I'm a bit at a loss about this car. The initial problems turned out to be minor issues but this is different.

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