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That is really sad, John. Brakes are easy enough to redo on a Saturday. Isn't there some way you can get to it before homecoming?

My Mom learned to drive when she was 47. The only car we had back then was a 1954 Ford Country Sedan (station wagon) and it was a stick. She did it; took adult driving classes at the local high school in the Michigan winter of '57, and suprised the crap out of my dad (who never helped her learn).

The car had a six, with manual steering and manual brakes ('cause dad wouldn't pop for fancy options on a family car). It did have overdrive and we drove it from Detroit to LA in '59.

Squarebirds often featured women in their sales ads and many thousands of women drove them successfully. Teach your daughter well and she can too. Yeah, Squarebirds are different from modern cars but so are ALL classic cars. They take more effort, are heavier and consequently, require longer distances to stop. Still, the more we drive them the better and more familiar we become, without incident. Much of this depends on the personality your daughter is. She needs to really want this. ..just my 2-cents. BTW, I have two grown daughters. - Dave
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