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Hi, I just purchased a 59 t-bird hardtop. I haven't gotten the car yet but went to look at it and noticed it has black valve covers with the word ford on them, as I looked further I noticed someone had a t-60 on both heads. The engine code is H and block is stamped 352, also the expansion tank is different the pressure cap is on a tube 90 degree angle facing the drivers fender. I didn't know where to look for block casting #. I now know but don't have access to car. The intake casting # is5751087. I guess i'm worried about the heads are 60 heads the same as 59 and would the compression stay the same. I'm like a little kid with this car I've been looking at it for over 4yrs and I finally was able to make a deal. I'm happy to be part of this forum I just love the square birds. Thanks for having me and thanks for any help in advance. Tommy C"
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