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Default Unconfusing The Confusion

>I have over 200 Ford parts books so it may take a while to
>find the right one but I have it!

>I am confused where you
>say "the 58 valve". the 58 used the 57 valve and then in 59
>they came out with a new one.

What I meant to say (or convey) was the B7A 9328-A was unique to the 1958 MEL production run (discounting its' origional use on the 57 F-CODE), and then was redesigned (for whatever reason) for the 59 and 60 run.

The below from your research;

B7A-9328-A Valve (vacuum pump check) 1958 Lincoln Mercury

B9S-9328-A Valve (vacuum pump check) 1959/1960 Lincoln
Mercury Thunderbird

372268-S elbow 58/59 Mercury exc. 2 door and 4 door sedan
58/59/60 Lincoln.

(The above 372268-S application call-out) means to me the only applications where the elbow fitting was used (unless there is more information in deleted text).

>While you and I are
>the primary conversationalists, I oversimplified my
>explanation because I wanted to be sure everyone who may
>read it would clearly understand. No offense intended to
>you. Hawkrod

No offense taken sir, and I meant no disrespect to your knowledge either. It is just important (to me) that this (forgotten information) be reintroduced in a clear and factual manner.

(FYI- Unless this was going to be one heck of a dedicated restoration, I would substitute electric ;) )

BTW- A previous poster entered that he had found a B7A 9328-A and cataloging called for 1958 application. I challenged him and he recontacted the vendor and I assume the vendor then researched it and found its' origional application for the F-CODE. I apologize as I was misinformed. Your research (thank you) has cleared this matter up.
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